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Conrad’s il Ristorante – Opening

Conrad’s il Ristorante – Opening Sunday 8th of June from 2pm till close.

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We are excited to introduce to you the launch of our new restaurant.

After 20 years of hard work our vision for the future has become a reality in the present…..CONRADS il Ristorante.

It has always been my desire to create an authentic Italian kitchen, as small bijou Italian kitchens around the world have the ability to surprise and excite their clients with modern iltalian cuisine.

After many years of experience and multiple Awards, I never lost my initial vision of a true Italian kitchen with authentic Italian cuisine.

I never planned to travel the world as a Michelin Star Chef, as Michelin Star food does not appeal to the everyday palate.

The knowledge I have gained and my long years of experience in different cooking styles, has enabled me to create and improve traditional Italian dishes, using the abilities and knowledge accumulated throughout my career.

We would like to thank our long term and loyal clients, who, through their support and friendship, have enabled us to make this dream come true.

We would be delighted, if you, client from the past or present, would have the pleasure of joining us in the launch of our dream..CONRADS on Sunday 8th of June from 2pm till close.

Kind regards

Renee and Sabine Conrad

Opening hours:

Monday-Saturday, Lunch 1pm-4pm, Dinner 7pm till close.