Cooking style is straight and mediterranean kitchen, which accentutates the taste of the high quality products abstaining from needless razzle-dazzle.

For VIVO BY CONRAD’S he designed a well balanced italian and international menu card, which is accompanbies by an elaborated list of wines.
* All dishes are served with garnish


Salad I goat cheese I apricots  11€
Tomato I mozzarella I pesto 9€
Homemade graved Lax I mustard honey sauce 13€
Prawns Pil Pil 13€
Grilled octopus I potato salad I pesto 18€
Scallops I salad I mango chutney 18€
Melon I serrano ham 11€
Vitello Tonnato 12€
Cous Cous salad I duck breast 12€
Carpaccio of filet steak I parmesan I lemon 15€
Terrine of Foie gras I fruits 18€

Pasta / Risotto

Spaghetti amatriciana 12€
Spaghetti Puttanesca 14€
Spaghetti all’arrabiata 12€
Spaghetti I meatballs I tomato sauce I oregano 14€
Spaghetti I prawns I lobster sauce  16€
Tagliatelle Pesto I octopus I ceps 21€
Tagliatelle I ceps 15€
Ricotta spinach Ravioli I Parmesan I croutons 16€
Gnocchi homemade I tomato basil sauce 10€
Risotto I green asparagus I ceps 14€


Grilled Sole I butter I parsley I potatoes 32€
Filet of turbot I risotto I prawns I ceps 24€
Wild seabass I vegetables I potatoes 36€


Rack of lamb I vegetables I baked potatoes  24€
Braised shoulder of lamb I vegetables I potatoes 21€
Wiener Schnitzel I Potato salad 22€
Filet of beef I ceps quiche I vegetables 26€

Choice of Desserts

Crème Brûlée from white chocolat I raspberries 6€
Crème Caramel of white chocolat 6€
Chocolate cake Nemesis 6€
Almond cake I vanilla ice cream 6€
Oven pineapple I fruitsorbet 6€
Sorbets I ice cream 6€

Menu 3 courses 38 €

Cous Cous salad I duck breast


Vitello Tonnato


Filet of turbot I risotto I prawns I ceps


Rack of lamb I vegetables I potatoes


Caramelized cheesecake I red berry sauce I pineapple sorbet


Chocolate cake Nemesis